10–11.10.2020 Perception Lab in Cheboksary
Vera Shelkina
I research living matter in form of attention, touch and movement.
Hi, I'm
somatic practitioner, student of the IMBT program, hands-on practitioner in the approach of Ideokinesis;

contemporary dance teacher in the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts. I have a group of deaf actors and a group of blind vocalists;
Who I am:
Why should I come?
for research
I have been researching touch in a context of a human body for a while now and never stop looking for new perception and action possibilities it brings us.
Meeting others helps us to meet subjects, objects and other non-binary things we could never notice by ourselves.
for clarity
for reality
Exploring perception helps us to explore the realm of our own reality, which can be faced, changed or just stay as it is.
for movement
Exploring perception helps us to explore the realm of our own reality, which can be faced, changed or just stay as it is.
10 years of dance, performance and movement training, including such methods as contact improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Gaga, real-time-composition, movement research, Flying Low, martial arts and PlayFight;

being called by dance critics "one of the most somatic dance-artists in Russia". Can't argue with dance critics.
Genia Afanasyeva
Thank you for taking enough time to set up, to pause, to search for entrances, and some needed questions. It was great when I managed to integrate my body back and recalibrate the system. It was curious how special effects of moving space work through the camera - as if I were inside a gyroscope, it stopped me from gathering in the usual form. And games with light that becomes visible - things are illuminated, shifted, scattered. It helped me a lot when you proposed new living coordinate axes and we found how to spill the attention through the camera. After the session, I got connected, move and breathe freely. Thank you for the quality of attention, clarity, transparency, stability.
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Бонни Бэйнбридж Коэн
"Touch is the other side of movement. Movement is the other side of touch. They are the shadow of each other"
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Daria Lvova
Something similar to the therapeutic effect happened to me, although there was no therapy. A sense of my own normality that cannot be questioned. As if there simply are no other options, and it would not even occur to doubt this. Everything is ok with me, everything is right. Sensation of clinking transparency and clarity.

With you, even scattering into atoms is not scary.
Tatyana Voytekhovitch
It's amazing how easy it is to experience difficult topics with you. Especially the theme of death, dying, which is so touching right now. I was able to look at it from different angles. And to understand why it is so resonating with me now. I am able to see a lot of resources in the dying and accept it.

It seems that whatever difficult question is raised, it will find a place in your space and presence. You can explore and live within it, talking about it, experiencing it in the body, moving with it. Any question can be raised. So I feel no restrictions. You can go into any experience and discover new facets, new resources, new acceptances.

This is especially valuable to me as a researcher. There are few practitioners who are willing to sustain such open, honest research.

It gave me a lot of strength and power to face anything.
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