from 15.05 Workshop "Decolonizing body" in Berlin
Vera Shchelkina
somatic dance artist
Vera Shchelkina was born in Moscow, Russia, but has been working as a somatic dance artist internationally for the last years. Since 2022, she is based in Belin. She combines her interest in dance, somatics, and artistic creation as a student, teacher, facilitator, curator, and artist in various institutions, festivals, and programs.

Who I am:
Her main collaborative dance and performance pieces are "CO-TOUCH", "The Imposture Lab", "My Ex(body), SMRTЪ, «Vibrant Matter», and others.
Since 2021, she has been studying Somatic Pedagogy at the Somatic Academy in Berlin.
Since 2023, she is a student of MaChoreography at Ernst Busch Academy (HZT).
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